My name is Inna.

I grew up among actors and directors of Maluy theater (Moscow) and also respected people in the creative industry. From my childhood, I loved to take photos and went on to pursue a degree in National Research University - Higher School of Economics. Studying at a University like this taught me responsibility and patience. Following my passion,  I decided to devote my life to photography. 

My work initially began with portraits and progressed to wedding photography which I thoroughly enjoy. To find out further information you can refer to my second website.

Portraits, focussing mainly on women, is the most important genre for me. I like to emphasize in my models both elegance and femininity.

I have great experience working during big events for both private clients as well as well established companies. I believe I am a photographer who can emphasize all the details and capture all the emotions during these events.

For all the questions about booking and prices and any collaboration, please contact me. (



Tommy Hilfiger, Versage, Tom Tailor, BMW, Lui Jo, Ecco, Chanel, The Maly theatre, The Theatre on Taganka, Psychologies, General Electric, American Eagle, Transparency International, Chemrar, Rendez-vous, Sberbank, Volga-Dnepr, Modenese Gastone


Whilst pursuing perfection and your dreams, it is important to not let fear hold you back. Keep the company of people that are close to you and who remain by your side in any situation.

Everyone has dreams, either big or small but not everyone fulfills them. However, even when your dreams start to materialize, it is still of utmost importance that it is you who takes the final step towards them. Only then will you be able to withstand criticism from your decisions.

The first time I was offered to showcase my work, I was fortunate enough for it to be my own solo exhibition. Although I hold a higher degree in economics and public administration, after receiving highly positive feedback from my exhibition, I made a decision to pursue a career in photography. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported my decision continues to do so.

To me photography is like writing. It is an opportunity to express my passion without making a single sound. I see this passion in my models, their feminine and elegant appearance, something I appreciate above all.

Life rushes by and can change in the blink of an eye, leaving moments unnoticed. Appreciate every moment and every feeling that grows in your heart. Love and do not be afraid to open up.
— Inna Zaytseva, Beautiful, issue 19


'Mu zhenimsa' (photographer) issue March 2014, 'Stilnye prichesky' (photographer), Fashion Collection (photo assistant) issue January 2014, February 2014, Beautiful (photographer) issue fall/winter 2014, 'Watch' issue December 2016, April issue 2017, Marie Claire issue April 2017, 'Watch' issue May 2017

Egor Kochalovsky and Andrew Bilzho during Venice carnival, Marie Claire issue 04/2017

Egor Kochalovsky and Andrew Bilzho during Venice carnival, Marie Claire issue 04/2017


Instagram: @innazaytsevacom